Writing Workshops

Having been a teacher in the Vancouver School Board for many years, Ms. de Montigny is delighted to offer writing classes to students from K to 12. Teachers may pick and choose from the following list depending on their classes' needs. Sessions are 40 to 60 minutes long.

Good-bye adverbs. Learn how to write a proper dialogue that keeps readers interested. How to use dialogue tags or actions that identify the speaker.

Painting a Picture Using Words
How to write descriptions that keep your story moving forward, that set the tone, and foreshadow things to come.

Character Development
Develop an interesting character that readers will remember long after they've finished reading your story.
Show,  Don't Tell
Enrich your writing through the use of stronger verbs, physical actions, and visceral reactions. 

What makes one voice stronger than another - getting inside your character's head.

Structuring Your Story
Planners vs pantsers. Which one are you? The five elements of story structure and how to incorporate them.

Point of View
Remove the character confusion in your writing through the use of point of view - one person at a time, please.

Story vs Plot
Learn the difference between story and plot, and find out how your plot can be the demise or success of your story.

Creating flow through varied sentence structures and by removing unimportant details or unnecessary words.